ECI observer stresses on error-free electoral roll

AALO, Nov 24: The ECI election observer for Liromoba, Likabali, Basar, Aalo West and Aalo East A/Cs Rajeev Takuk on Tuesday had a detailed interactive meeting here with DEO, EROs, AEROs and representatives of all political parties of the district for preparing an error-free electoral roll in the district.

Takuk said that national duty like, election cannot be taken lightly and he will be visiting all places to verify the electoral rolls preparation works three times - during submission of related forms, hearing and final draft E-Roll preparation - to see to it that it’s done in a fair and transparent manner.

He reiterated that many of the political parties have no BLAs in many of the polling stations which is not a healthy trend in a democratic setup and they should settle the discrepancies during this preparatory time instead of making hue and cry in the time of election. He asked all EROs/AEROs to persuade all political parties in writing and through awareness programme as it is imperative that ECI guidelines percolate down to masses.

West Siang DEO Penga Tato and ERO Koj Yabyang highlighted the election related activities being geared up in the district. ERO (Yomcha) Hento Karga pointed out the twin problems of lack of net connectivity and shortage of two AEROs for Yomcha and Liromoba to carry forward the works in his jurisdiction. The other ERO/AEROs also pointed out non appointment of BLAs by the political parties. (DIPRO)