Oppose extortions, kidnappings by militants: Guv to people of TCL region

ITANAGAR, Jun 22: State Governor Brig (Retd) Dr BD Mishra on Wednesday exhorted the people of the insurgency-infested Trap, Changlang and Longding (TCL) region to oppose the extortions, kidnappings and other illegal activities of the militants coming from outside the State.

“Insurgency will not go away till people resist and rise against anti-national, anti-society and illegal activities by the insurgents,” stated the Governor when a delegation of public leaders from Changlang district led by the Tirap-Changlang-Longding People’s Forum (TCLPF) president N Changmi called on him at Raj Bhavan here.

As the visitors from the southern Arunachal district shared their challenges and aspirations with him, the Governor appreciated the initiative of the Tirap-Changlang-Longding People’s Forum for rising against insurgency in the TLC region.

“The Government will work better, when the people cooperate with the administration and security forces,” assured the Governor while underscoring that military operations are conducted only for the security of the people and the nation.

“Insurgency is the main problem of the Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts of the State and it is the root cause of corruption, under-development and insecurity,” the Governor pointed out and urged people to oppose extortions, kidnappings and other unlawful activities of the militant groups.

Commending the ‘progressive mind’ of TCLP Forum, the Governor said that the future of the people is with the Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

“The people’s representatives in the State Assembly and the community leaders must work for the underground elements to come over ground and join the mainstream of life,” Mishra said.

The Governor also said that the people of TCL districts should not allow the people from outside Arunachal to mislead, misguide and confuse the people of TLC region with regard to their constitutional identity and independent tribal status. “The people of the TLC region must be proud of their separate identity as bestowed by the Constitution of India”, he said.

The Governor further urged the people of the insurgency-hit districts to reach out to their misguided youth and motivate them to come back to the mainstream. “Once they surrender, the youth will be given assistance as per government rules,” he said.