Stress for concerted efforts from all stakeholders for execution of IMP 2031

ITANAGAR, Aug 5: A meeting of Itanagar Town Planning Authority was held today at the conference hall of Deputy Commissioner Capital Itanagar Talo Potom to discuss the implementation of Itanagar Master Plan (IMP) 2031, a ‘visionary’ document for a better Itanagar.

Speaking on the occasion, local MLA Techi Kaso called for concerted efforts from all stakeholders for the implementation of master plan 2031 which foresees a better Capital in every aspect.

He asked all the stakeholders to give a coordinated effort for a beautified and better capital in every aspect and to check and balance the lacunae for better tomorrow.

Itanagar Municipal Corporation Mayor Tame Phassang urged all to make efforts for proper implementation of the master plan. He said that unplanned development has already hampered the growth of Capital, however, we should move forward now with new zeal and enthusiasm for overall development of the region. He also stressed that every development step should be taken in a positive way.

Papum Pare ZPC Chuku Bablu also stressed on joint efforts from all stakeholders for the implementation of the same.

Director Town Planning Likha Suraj through a PPT on town planning legislations since its inception in Arunachal Pradesh and the roles and responsibilities of the department stated that for any purpose of use of land, mandatory ‘development permission’ has to be sought from the Itanagar Planning Authority under section29 of Arunachal Pradesh Urban & Country Planning Act, 2007 which prohibits development without payment of development charges and without permission.

It says that any person or anybody intending to carry out any development on any land shall make an application in writing to the Authority for permission in such forms and containing such particulars.

He said that development should be in a regulated way and not haphazard and it is high time to implement the MP 2031 and for which coordination from all stakeholders is called for.

Tabom Tamut, ATP cum member secretary Itanagar Planning Authority through a PPT gave a brief insight of the MP 2031 and shared about various modalities for the successful implementation of the plan.

SP Capital Jimmy Chiram and SP Fire and Emergency Services Asif Mohd Ali spoke about the need for a long term plan with perspective to the Police department.

Other Officers also spoke and gave feedback on how the MP 2031 should be implemented with the coordinated efforts of all.

Earlier, CO Shania Mize stated that the State Government has already approved the Master Plan 2031. (DIPRO)