Saluting a physician who leaves behind a legacy worth emulating



ITANAGAR, Aug 5: That ‘work is worship’ was fittingly demonstrated by this man, who is sadly no more with us. He is Dr Lokesh Ranjan Choudhury, popularly known as Dr L R Choudhury, who passed away a few days back.

Dr Choudhury, who was a general physician and later got trained in hematology, epitomized work culture till his last days- a legacy he has left behind - which is truly worth emulating by others. Associated with the prestigious Ramakrishna Mission Hospital (RKMH), Itanagar since its initial days, Dr Choudhury had served the State for several decades. He was serving as the Senior Medical Officer, Blood Bank, RKMH, Itanagar till his last breath.  

The octogenarian, who pursued his MBBS degree by initiating it from the Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh in Assam in early 60’s during the NEFA days, went on to complete the grade from the prestigious National Medical College, Calcutta (now Kolkata) in West Bengal. 

Dr Choudhury joined the medical profession in Arunachal Pradesh (the then NEFA) at Tuting (now in Upper Siang district) and went on to serve the State in its various places such as Pasighat and Mebo (both now in East Siang district). Years later, he joined the RKMH, Itanagar in the middle part of 1980. 

Besides serving for the cause of humanity, he used to socialize whenever an opportunity came his way. Many people, mostly the downtrodden and poor sections of society, who came to his doorstep seeking his help, never returned empty-handed. Always a ‘go to man’, he never shirked off his responsibility, going with his standing.

On the top of it, he was a keen sportsman. Apart from being a quality Bridge player, he was a ‘lathiyal’ (lathi-wielding strongman) in his heydays. Also, he had won several laurels through his prowess in a number of disciplines, especially, football and athletics.

That he served the State till his last days speaks volume of his tenacity, labour of love and the desire to dash. The man, who is now in the pages of history, shall forever remain in the hearts of the people.