NES visits Nyubu Nyvgam Yerko

ITANAGAR, Nov 23: A team of Nyishi Elite Society (NES) executive members has visited the local Gurukul type of the school based at Rang village near Seppa, Nyubu Nyvgam Yerko, to teach traditional knowledge of its own roots to its learner. The team also interacted with its students studying local dialects.

Nyubu Nyvgam Yerko is a formal institution for indigenous language and knowledge system. It was inaugurated by Chief Minister Pema Khandu on March 19, 2021. During its inauguration, Khandu had mentioned that this would be the first of its kind school in Arunachal Pradesh that would go a long way in promoting and preserving indigenous traditions, culture and language.

Robin Nyishing, chairman, school management committee, Nyunu Nyvgam Yerko informed that at present, there are about 90 students in this school and upto class 3, and they are learning NCERT subjects apart from local languages.

Robin informed that the salaries of teachers and other maintenance cost of this local Gurukul school is borne by the donations given to this unique school and infrastructure is created with the help of State government by the initiative of present CM Pema Khandu.

NES vice president Tarh Tubin urged the parents to impart local language to their wards by communicating with them at homes and also share the knowledge of vast traditional values of the rich Nyishi culture to preserve the identity.

Tubin assured that NES will help such initiatives by all possible means and urged the state government to fund such noble initiatives to preserve rich traditions and cultures.