Stress for replicating ‘EB project Basar’ in Longding to revitalize water sources

LONGDING, Jan 24: A rally on ‘catchment area protection’ was conducted by PHE & WS Division Longding in collaboration with Implementing Support Agencies Wancho Cultural Society, Zohai Tingsho Hutham and young students group known as United Friends of Longding including Niuanu, Niausa, Longsom & Zeduastuden’s Union at Longding District HQ.

The participants initially gathered at the PHED office where the District Consultant, PHED Longding highlighted the issue of water scarcity in the district due to rapid jhum cultivation around the catchment area.

He also informed about the recent burning of catchment areas around the Longding township water supply source and urged the youths and various organizations to work together to protect the catchment area and plant more trees and dig catchpits to recharge and sustain the drinking water sources.

Informing about the EB project nature’ at Basar to revive the dying water sources, the Consultant exhorted all to replicate similar activities in the district to recharge the streams and sources in the district.

Later, the AE highlighted the ground reality of reducing discharge of all the sources in the district and cautioned on the grave scarcity in the near future. At the end, he flagged off the rally and the participants rallied around the town shouting slogans on protecting forest and water. (DIPRO)