Bid to promote ‘official language’ Hindi through technology

RONO HILLS, Apr 2: In a bid to promote Hindi language by way of technology, Hindi Cell, Rajiv Gandhi University organized a one day online workshop on topic ‘Administration & Official Language Hindi’ at the RGU premises here today.

The resource person of the programme, Dr Rajiv Kumar Rawat, Senior Hindi Officer, IIT Kharagpur, drew attention to administrative responsibilities towards implementation of the official language.

In this regard, Dr Rawat described tools used for transcription, transliteration, translation etc. Apart from this, important information related to software of Shabdkosh, Anuwadani, Kanthasth, etc was displayed in his slide presentation.

Further, he provided information of Google Lens, PDF converter related software etc.

Earlier, Gumpi Nguso Lombi, Hindi Officer, stated that today’s workshop will highlight the relationship of official language Hindi and administration, new inventions of technology for language and the promotion of the official language through technology.

The chief patron of the programme was RGU vice chancellor Prof Saket Kushwaha, while the patron was Registrar Dr N T Rikam.

The programme was organized for the section officers & office assistants of the university.