Etor celebration begins at Ngorlung & Ralung villages in East Siang dist amidst traditional fervour & gaiety

ITANAGAR, May 15: Joining the rest of their peers in the State, the Adi community residing in Ngorlung & Ralung villages under Ruksin sub-division celebrated Etor festival at Ngorlung Dere/Musup today with traditional fervour & gaiety.

The celebration of the festival is done concerning the community fencing of the agricultural lands.

Etor, which literally means fencing in Adi, is celebrated to commence the annual agricultural cycle. Usually Etor begins with community fencing. The community members come together to construct new fences to protect the agricultural fields so that the cattle & other animals do not damage the crops.

In olden days, Eso (Mithun) were kept on large areas in the jungle surrounded by fencing for protection of the crops. 15th May, the first day of community celebration starts with sacrificial acts of mithuns & pigs.

Speaking as chief guest on the inaugural day of the three-day celebration, Thomas Mongku, FAO at DDSE Office (Tirap), said: “We are civilized & modern Adis today but should keep alive & continue ancestral customary practices. Whatever religion you adopt is one’s individual affairs but while you are born as Adi or tribal by blood, and hence, must be an Adi. Follow Adi Yayi’s footprints to protect old-age cultural ethos for keeping identity to the world around us.”

Ex-ZPM Ayam Mize Modi graced the inaugural Etor Festival-2024 as guest of honour. The festival is being organized by Ojing Aje as chairman, and Devish Panyang as organizing secy, Subash Paron (iirgiing Abu) and Dr Dimong Padung (chief patron) among others.

At Ralung village, the ceremonial Giidii TAKU-TAABAT was performed by GB Olut Panggeng, in presence of general masses led by Tater Libang, president & Tazing Darung, general secretary & Tayam Messar as iirgiing Abu.

Elite members, GBs/HGB, public leaders/PRI members, Govt officers/officials, youths, other community members and the villagers took part in Etor Giidii celebration.

Traditional ‘Delong; which is an Adi male dance, will be performed in Dere/Musup for three consecutive nights. A hired Miri Abus (Shaman) will lead the men-folk in Delong.

Etor has in store a series of events. Firstly, the celebration starts with the construction of community fencing, then “Gampu/Lupu Longa, Dogin/Dorep, Ardo Bado, Tanyum Yuma, Keme Longa, Lungak” with traditional offerings associated to “Agung-Agam” and finally a ritual called “MOPUN”.