‘Aims to build infrastructure that meets community needs and lays foundation for future growth & dev’: MLA Vivek

YUPIA, Jul 9: In a bid to assess the progress of infrastructure projects ensuring they are completed efficiently by meeting the needs of the community, Doimukh MLA Nabam Vivek convened a crucial meeting with the departments of PHE, Urban Development (UD) and Water Resource Development (WRD) here at the ZPC conference hall on Tuesday.

Addressing the officers: the MLA said: “I have scheduled the meetings in smaller groups to understand in depth the working of the departments through enhanced one to one communication and focused discussions. I urge all the officers to keep aside political differences and work for the district.”

He emphasized on the importance of timely completion of projects that are vital for the community’s growth and well-being. He urged the departments to adhere to deadlines and maintain high standards.

“To address any challenges or delays we have to work together to find solutions for completion of critical infrastructure projects,” Vivek said while urging all officers to work in tandem without any political affiliations.

The MLA also highlighted the need for prioritizing projects that will have the most significant positive impact on the community.

“Our goal is to build and maintain infrastructure that not only meets the current needs of our community but also lays the foundation for future growth and development. By working together and addressing challenges head-on, we can achieve this objective.” he asserted.

On the occasion, the executive engineers of UD, PHED and WRD made detailed presentations on projects being implemented by them.

Similar meetings with all engineering, Agri and allied departments and the District Administration are scheduled to be held in the next three days. (DIPRO)