Be in company of those more skilled and learned: DC to students

TEZU, Jun 29: Lohit Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan has called upon the students to be in the company of those more skilled and learned to reach greater heights in life.
Post inaugurating the new premises of Medo Youth Library on Sunday, the DC told the senior youth library volunteers: “I am giving you five important ideas that can energize your life. Take them and transform your society.”
Dhawan made the inauguration in presence of a select gathering of community elders of Wakro circle, district officers, library mentors and Sokhep Kri, Director, State Gazateers & Convenor, Lohit Youth Libraries.
The DC lauded the library activists and volunteers for their spirited efforts for pursuing higher and better education, overcoming challenges in distant towns.  Quoting Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, he urged them to Dream Big and work relentlessly till the dream gets fulfilled. Connecting what you read to make a meaningful knowledge, is another valuable lesson for a learner: Connecting the Dots, as the Apple founder Steve Jobs put it.
“Never give up your efforts in panic, when you falter,” he said, quoting the instance of Asuni Khamblai, a Bharat Natyam student from Medo, who presented a elegant piece in front of the distinguished audience.
Dhawan also advised the youth to show respect and concern for their elders.
Introducing details of Swavalamban Yojana for empowerment of youth, the DC invited the senior library volunteers to come up with proposals that reflect their ambition to do transpire in life.
Sosey Manyu hoped the Medo public and the youth would make full use of the new library.
Ex-MLA Sokhyo Dellang congratulated the senior volunteers and activists for progressing so much ahead in spite of coming from remote village background. He also lauded Dr Sopai Tawsik for his generous efforts to bring a permanent library for the people of Medo villages.
Pointing to the severe cultural and social stigmas that have been retarding educational advancement of the Mishmi community, Dr Sopai Towsik, Chief Patron, Medo Youth Library, pointed out that only extensive reading habits can bring development. He appreciated the Mishmi girls for emerging as pioneer library activists and to set excellent models. “This should inspire more boys as well,” he said. 
Earlier, the Coordinator Lohit Youth Libraries gratefully acknowledged that the Joy of reading could spread across the Lohit and Dibang Valley regions, only due to the spirited participation and leadership of young activists, supported by mentors and patrons.
Hence, the Network has been presenting for the last seven years Annual Awards for their outstanding contributions. This year, Aswin Chowpoo, Bamboosa Library volunteer got Ranganatha Award for dedicated support to Bamboosa Library, while Santosh Chetri, mentor, Dibang Youth Library bagged Sister Nivedita Award for his dedicated efforts for spreading the joy of reading around Roing and neighbourhood.
Both awards, carrying a cash prize of Rs 5000 are sponsored by a patron from Pune.
The Medo audiences were thrilled by a series of events meticulously prepared by senior activists, most of them university students in Tamil Nadu. The highlight of the day was a sparkling skit Kayum Saa (The Black Boy) by Naina & team in Mishmi language, portraying the life of the first Black American scientist George Washington Carver, who rose up overcoming formidable hardships and discrimination by the Whites, in 19th century.
A novel story telling “Mr Right & Mr Left” by Rehanso Boo, activist, Dibang Library, Roing, received applause from the audience. Banika Kri did an excellent English reading demonstration using her own story “This is how we went to school” while Tisali and Team did a ‘Ann Mary Hoberman’ recitation and the little readers of Namgo Library presented delightful Hindi rhyme. Equally enchanting was a carnatic music piece presented by Chennai students Ashapmai Dellang and Behelti Ama. Priya Ngi, a Medo activist narrated how the training in the Library activities enabled her to become an MBBS student in Ukraine.
Keselo Tayang, ace activist introduced the youth libraries as a unique movement reaching books to reading deprived youths in distant pockets.