Farmers’ body for enhanced fund allocation for agri-horti & allied sectors development

| Staff REPORTER |
ITANAGAR, Jun 30: The Arunachal Farmers’ Union (AFU) while highlighting the various challenges being faced by the farm community in the state, has urged the state government for enhanced fund allocation for development of agri-horti and allied sectors.  
‘Poor’ access to market information for farmers, lack of farmer finance and inefficient supply chains, inadequate cold storage facilities, chronic under-funding on operations and infrastructures, and shortage of lab technicians to conduct soil testing, etc are some of the challenges highlighted by the AFU. 
Addressing a press conference here today, AFU president Nabam Akam urged the state government to ensure that the real beneficiaries to get the benefit of the nutrition kitchen garden scheme. 
Akam also urged the authority concerned to make field visits, verify the spot and reach out to farmers at the grassroots level so as to identify the true beneficiaries.
He also urged the state government to set up cold storage in every district so that perishable products can be stored for a prolonged period.
“No concrete policy measures have been developed to protect the interests of farmers, and if plans, policies, and inventions benefits do not reach them, agriculture will not develop," he said.
He underlined that due to lack of proper support system and awareness, farmers were not able to transition from a traditional style of farming to modern farming.
He said, "Farmers in the state are facing numerous problems today, especially oil-palm farmers in water management during the dry season, but despite the provision for this in the guidelines, no assistance has been provided".
He specifically requested the state govt to take adequate steps to eradicate foot and mouth disease in livestock and monitor the spread of swine flu in pigs.
Akam appealed to the government to come up with an action plan and inclusive strategy to lay a solid foundation for a more productive and diversified agricultural sector.