AACWA too urges Govt not to extend lockdown

ITANAGAR, Aug 1: Barely 24 hours after the ACCI’s call, the All Arunachal Contractor’s Welfare Association (AACWA) has now urged the Govt for non-extension of the current lockdown beyond August 3 next.

Voicing strongly against the further extension of lockdown in the state, the AACWA, in a representation to the Chief Secretary, said: “The unwarranted situation created in Arunachal Pradesh by nationwide lockdown since 25th March, followed by extended lockdowns in ICR with the twin purpose of breaking the chain (of transmission) and augmenting the infrastructure in health sector, has hit hard the entire segment of business/contractor community, besides others. As a majority of the people in the ICR depends on the business community and contract work, it is important that their wellbeing is taken care of. In such a scenario, extension of lockdown would be detrimental for the wellbeing of the contractors and business community as well as for people of the state.”

In a bid to avert large gathering, Govt may introduce the odd-even method for the two, four-wheelers and heavy vehicles, it said adding a suitable timing for opening and closing of shops be introduced, preferably from 9 am to 5 pm.

Regarding strict vigilance on violators for not maintaining SOP, AACWA said that the state govt should come up with whatsapp numbers so that any individual can lodge complaint against those breaking Covid protocol.

On extension of time upto 9 pm for antigen test at check gate, the Association said that the district administration ICR had fixed time for rapid antigen test from 6 am to 6 pm whereas, those returnee who come via air service cannot reach Banderdewa check gate by 6 pm as the car service reaches at by 8-9 pm. So, it urged for extension of timing for antigen test at the check gate up to 9 pm for returnees.

It also called for adoption of ‘home quarantine model’ for Covid positive patients with proper SOP and strict directives by the Govt.

Further citing ‘it is becoming increasingly difficult for the business, contractors community to deliver under such duress without any government aid and support in such trying times and if it continues unabated,” the AACWA said that it will be forced to look for democratic alternatives.