Cong staged walk-out to send a message of solidarity with army : Gogoi

New Delhi, Sep 15: Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi on Tuesday said that party MPs staged a walk-out in the Lok Sabha over the India-China border issue as they wanted to end across a message of solidarity with our Army , and a warning to China that they must not testtindia's patience.
Talking to reporters outside Parliament near the Vijay Chowk , Gogoi said, 'Today, we have walked out in protest, because the
Congress Party wanted to send a message of solidarity to our Indian Army and to our brave troops.'
He said that yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke outside the Parliament that we should all speak in one voice and that is what we wanted.
The Congress MPs staged a walk-out demanding a discussion over the issue in the Lok Sabha,
Hitting out at the ruling dispensation , Gogoi said ,' this Government feels as if only they can speak in support of the army, and as if Congress Party and other political parties have no right to speak for the country's forces.'
'We all have a right. The army belongs to all of us, we are proud of the Indian army, but, no doubt there was an intention behind silencing the Congress Party, because the Prime Minster does not want to answer certain tough questions.,' he added.
The Congress leader further said that , everyone remembers, what PM had said that, ‘no Chinese army has entered the Indian Territory’ and that is the position of the Chinese Government also.
'That statement has only undermined India’s position and strengthened the Chinese Government,'the COngress alleged.
'So, the Prime Minster is welcome to make statements outside the Parliament, but, today, when his own Ministers are making a statement on China, he should have been there,' Gogoi pointed out.
'His absence is a signal and therefore we feel, that today, there was a deliberate attempt to silence the Congress Party, when we only wanted to send a message of solidarity with the Indian Army and we wanted this Government to be honest and accountable and transparent to the people of India,' he added.
Speaking on the issue, Congress Chief Spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said ' the entire country is proud of the army , and the force is standing right in front of the Chinese , and it is because of our defence forces that we all are safe, and this is why even the Parliament session is on. '
He asked as to where is the PM amidst these questions.
'Will the defence minister through the Parliament tell everyone whether China is present on our land and holding it , and whether there is Chinese intrusions at some border areas taken place,'he asked. (UNI)