Opposition alliance a 'club of rich people to promote dynasty': Modi

Tiruppur, Feb 10: Slamming the Maha Opposition alliance as a 'club of rich people' to promote their dynasties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday sought to know the rationale behind such an alliance when they had oft-repeatedly been stating the BJP-led NDA government was a failure and that it would be defeated in the ensuing Lok Sabha poll.

Addressing an election meeting in this western belt of Tamil Nadu, from a dais modelled like Parliament, Modi said 'our friends in the Opposition are very panic and they say that Modi government is a failure'.

'They said Modi has done nothing and that Modi is going to be badly defeated...but still they have formed a big alliance to defeat Modi', he said.

The opposition's agenda was only to defeat Modi and they keep saying this government would be defeated, he added.

Mocking at the Maha alliance, Modi sought to know the agenda of this so called alliance and on what issues they were fighting (the polls) and said 'No one knows what is their focus and vision behind their alliance'. 

Dubbing the opposition alliance as 'Maha adulteration', Modi said people of Tamil Nadu and the whole country knew very well about it and said it was a 'club of rich people trying to promote their dynasties.'

They neither understand poverty nor have vision to serve the poor, Modi said and added that the aim of the Opposition was to spread panic and time and again try to misled the farmers, workers and the younger generation of the Nation.

Observing that good things done by the NDA has made some people very unhappy, Modi said those who thought that they were born to rule were disturbed because this government was working for the people that had turned them into unhappiness into depression and abuse.

Asserting that this government was for every Indian and belongs to every Indian, Modi said ''we will provide everything to everyone to take this country to greater heights''. 

Stating that the work culture of the NDA was different from the previous UPA regime during which the defence and national security were not cared, he said those who got to rule the nation for years did not bother about the India's defence sector.

''For them brokering deals and helping their own set of friends is the agenda'', he added.

''From seas to skies, the Congress had several scams associated with the defence sector and it did not allow modernisation of defence forces'', he said adding, when every middlemen was arrested they have some link or other with Congress leaders. 

Noting that NDA government was committed to nation's security, he said it has the dream of India which was self-sufficient in defence production  and provide them all possible support in keeping the nation safe.

On the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme, Modi it was his government which had honoured and fulfilled the demand after four long decades. 

''For over 40 years, our armymen have been asking for OROP, but Congress was never bothered'', he slammed. 

Accusing the Congress of even belittling the Indian Army when it went to the border for surgical strikes, Modi said one of the leaders used unpardonable language that put the Nation in utter disgust. 

A top UPA Minister even spoke to outsiders about an impending coup, when the demand for OROP was on under the NDA, which finally granted OROP. 

''Even surgical strike was belittled'', the Prime Minister said and added that every Indian knew that the NDA would not do such a thing''.  (UNI)