ARRDA urged to follow SBD of Assam

ITANAGAR, Feb 11: The All Arunachal Contractor’s Welfare Association (AACWA) has urged the Arunachal Rural Road Development Agency (ARRDA) to follow the Standard Bidding Documents (SBD) of Assam in which they make exemption from Bid Security.

In a release, AACWA claimed that ARRDA had asked several numbers of tools, plants and machineries for the tender qualification which is beyond the management of every contractor. “Asking blasters license from each bidder is also one of next to possible and it may create danger for the society because if every contractor possesses blaster license they can carry out blasting works at any place. Blaster license should be allowed to department concerned who call tenders,” it opined.

It also urged the state govt not to politicize the awarding of ongoing tender process by selecting their relatives, aides to gain political benefits for their upcoming Vidhan Sabha election. The genuine and experienced firm or contractor should be awarded, it asserted.

Further, the Association urged upon AARDA to give few more days time by extending the tender process “since they had given short time due to which contractors were facing problem to prepare their tender documents”.